Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year..!!!!

Some came to Hate
Yours To Define..!!

I mean 2008 saw some of the best and worst times... Economically... It was terrible for some... Some it was good.. We saw the Chinks give the world a shock with their crazy 2008 Olympics...
2008 Saw Obama become the first Black President..!! (Well Jan 20th to be Exact) But he was elected in 2008...

2008 saw me become 21..

Anyways 2009 is about making that ARAB money..!!

It's all about this dance move man..

Oh yeah... I'm stepping into the New Year with my New Kicks... haha... Don't hate coz u slept on this pack...

Oh I thought I will start 2009 with this very nice art piece...

Aite... I bet all you people are still half drunk and sleeping in your own puke..

Happy New Year...

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