Monday, January 05, 2009

Messed Up..!?!

Alrite you guys probably don't believe half the crap I say on my blog. But what ever you do believe, I speak from my heart and don't make stuff up.

This week whilst doing my job I've spotted the most disturbing stuff. A man walking a pony across the road at 10:30 in the evening. I thought it was some like sex slave at first coz the thing was too big to be a dog. Drove a little closer and it was some guy walking a pony.

Another serious story, the driver next door, hit some drunk irish guy about 2 months ago. And the guy left more damage to the car than to himself. He ran into the car. The arch above the door (chassis) was all bent I was laughing at the driver.

Man it has been an unproductive week. 4 courseworks in and only completed one. How waste am I, haha. Been waking up at stupid o clock, and going straight into work.
Well, this week Air Yeezy's were rumoured to be releasing in March, with quickstrike status, so if the usual accounts get it I should be able to get hold of one.

Anyways this is blogged as a special request to a bored reader…
But I wanted to add something I was listening to whilst uploading this blog from my berry..

Clicky This Is a Jay-Z X RadioHead Album... Be sure to check it out man..

Oh for you fashion hungry readers... I got a new LV wallet.. Pictures coming soon (When I can be bothered)
Also I am taking suggestions and designers on board who are willing to convert my MiND into my NEW Website... Hit me up @

Services shall be paid for and i'm in dire need of a graphic designer who is willing to piece together some of my ideas for me...

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