Thursday, May 08, 2008

Arrogant Much..!?!

Well tonites episode of Apprentice was quite good... it shows how sometimes making up lies about yourself comes back to bite you... HAHAHA

Man Chin and Milf Has Gone >__<... My reason to watch it has just been fired... But i'm egging on Raef or Ian McQueen... Raef is just sooo funny and who ever refer's to themselves in 3rd person deserves credit hahaha...

Amazingly hot day today and I was stuck inside a bloody Green House School (London Academy) Invigilating exams...

Alrite i'm going bed... need to be up @ 8:30a.m... (Don't even get up that early for UNI)

To invigilate an exam.. *Sigh*

Thanx to Tim Khoo... (Urban Scavenger on my links) I managed to get hold of the CLOT Business As Usual Tee..!!

Don't Hate on a Player.. HAHAHAHA PEACE..!!!

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