Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bored @ Work..!?!

Well, since i'm bored and just turned of GTA 4 (Click For Dim Gaming Blog about GTA4)

I've been working all week as an invigilator @ London Academy (Aka Edgware School)

Standing and just watching year 9's do their SAT's..

Being Dim, and trying to entertain standing around for an hour + not talking is impossible.. So I crack a few jokes with the kids..!!
(Let me share some with you...)

There was a girl, writing I Heart L. I walk over and say this.
"The Names Daniel." ^^

And you have my usual, kids looking around and I say.
"Stop, checking out that girl/boy, he/she is ugly."

Maybe these little things don't work on a Blog, but if u imagine me saying it you'd probably LOL a little hehe...

Being called Sir, has made me feel a little old >__<...

Anyways if your reading this you must be WELL bored since it is probably a Saturday, i'm guessing most of you are Revising or Working. Or the lucky ones just Chilling doing nothing hahaha...

Enough of my boring blog..

I thought i'd share this little song for all those who are close to me ..!!

Here is a little snippet for u ... (Auto Play)...

Relates to what I say to people to make them laugh, I just laughed when I heard it BEAT is too sick tho..

Anyways Sayfe... Check You'll Later Bitches..!!

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