Saturday, May 24, 2008

199.. And Counting....!?!

You probably thinking WTF does Dan mean with 199... Usually I title my blogs, with a deeper meaning ... (Well I try to, but these blogs are normally off the top of my head)...

Anyways as you all know (Should fucking idiots)... I'm going Malaysia for 2 weeks.... And i've been trying to pack..!!

Christian Stop annoying me and let me pack in peace HAHAHA... (Name dropped *Cough*)....

This is how I pack... Coz i'm only allowed to Bring one pair of kicks so i've picked my newest pair... Goes with my Shirt which I will be rocking for the wedding... (Check Blog when I come back and i'll show u how SICK I look)

2 Weeks without Dan... How do u people survive... Come on if I don't think about myself for 10 mins I begin to Miss myself... So 2 weeks without me will be like your pet dog died or something... (Not that I am your bloody Dog)...

... Well This is the 199th BLOG Since Dim MiND's Been open for you guys to dissect... Some have been loyal some have come and gone... Well Who ever reads this shit is enjoying it, so i'm going to keep you hanging onto the edge of your seat catch u'll after I had my 2 weeks in Malaysia..!!!

Peeeaaacccccccee...!!! (Don't ask about the picture I just thought it would put all u fat readers into salivate mode)..

Oh No, Dan's just Stepped up his Sneaker Game AGAIN ... I've done it AGAIN!!! If you notice the Nike Ticks are different colour (Black and white for all u colour blind/blind idiots..)

Anyways, i've been spending like crazy before I am going to Malaysia to spend more hahaha...

My new tee's and my new Shorts... (Don't Hate MutherF--kers..) I pull off them shorts like a BAD MAN haha... *Cough* Alpha Dog *Cough* Justin Timberlake Style

Hahaha... Spending sooo much Don't Make Me Swipe My Card (Listen to the track to get the joke...)

(I would like this song to be playing whilst you read this song so it probably playing in the background, and your like what is this shit...)

Plastic - Really Doe feat. Kanye West


Danny G said...

coppin' my shorts...ish...and coppin' the phrase i used about alpha dog, you wanna be like me?!

Anonymous said...

great article. I would love to follow you on twitter.