Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life's Still..!?!

Well As all you should know i've been wanting to get a DSLR for some time... and before I spent all my money I thought why not spend the rest of it on a Camera ^^

Here it is ... Canon EOS 400D..!!

I'm not amazing at taking photo's atm but i'm learning hehe...

With this it means the pictures I take for my Blog will be more enhanced and better quality..!!!

I need to get hold of a new len's tho as the one that i got with the camera is a little shitty...!!

This blog was more or less about the recent Copping of my Camera and My G Shock..!!!

It's my first G Shock watch..!!! and I love it... Here is a picture of it...

I've switched to Flickr to host my images as Photobucket is slow and i just hated it..!!

So bare with me with sizing and stuff..!!!

Flickr is actually soo much better so if your looking to upload photo's use flickr ^^...

It's nearly the end of Feb, which means Mothers Day is coming up..!!! What u getting your mother?...

Give Dan some idea's..!!! lol...

Alrite once again i've run out of crap to talk about... So i'm going to go bed... I feel like crap as well..!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yo feeling yor blog mannnnn , feeling the celia shirt , if you try shot it to me , ill defo try cop it =]
but yeah where yu getting your crook and castles ? cheers man

-SL The sOre lOser