Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ahh I'm Bored on my Day off Uni... thought I would entertain you guys ^^

Star Bape Search..!!

This crap is in Japanese but Hell... I would love to see this...!! Japanese Pop Idol..!! Looking for a female R & B artist..!! Free Bape Clothing man... Why not.. haha..

Anyways My blog has been boring for the last few weeks so I thought I would give u a link which I thought was good... (Thanx Tina ^^)

Check out his other videos... He speaks great Chinese..!!

I would also like to Congratulate Vi for passing her Driving test... (Finally ^^)...

You know what for once Dan's run out of crap to say hahaha...

So I need to go right now to speak to some Genius's at Apple haha..

Catch u all later and i'll try to think of something good to write next blog...

Signing out Dimsum..

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Nixon said...

On it! ;)