Thursday, February 14, 2008

LoVe.. ?

It's been a while since i've last posted..!!

And seeing as it's Valentines day and you know how much Dan loves you all..!!

I thought I would drop some nice pics and interesting stuff here for u guys and girls to enjoy...

This is following my Blog title Theme LoVe ^^...

I've not been posting recently as i've just downloaded Super SMASH Brothers Brawl..!! Been camping @ Henry, Hon, Kenny, Ken's place up in Hatfield... Gaming..!!

The Game is Hype... can't wait for an english release.!!

Well now what most people read my blog for..!!

Recent Cops and MiND Releases... HAHAHA...

First up... My Trainers and Watch...

My AJ7 Inspired Gourmet Trainers... Comfortable as Hell... My Casio F178 Oldschool Watch in Gold..!!

Premium Label Vogue Tee... And MiND Milf Fantasy 1st Release..!!!

There is a link to the Foreign Family and the back of my Premium label Vogue tee..!!

Anyways MiND Milf Fantasy Tee is available now Drop me a line... And i'll hook u up..!!!

Safe Signing out


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