Saturday, October 27, 2007

Aspire To Inspire..?!?

Well usually I write a Title to the blog then I write the blog around that title...

But this one blog took me a while to give it a title..

I had a few in mind...

Art of Seduction..

A few more so I decided to use one of my Dan Quotes... "Aspire To Inspire"..

I forgot when I came up with it, but I live by that phrase...

Well it's going to be another educational post. I'm going to educate you all in what us economists call Opportunity Cost... (If you do Economics you'll know this comes up a lot)

Being a student, there is an opportunity cost. I could be out making money and flossing like the 7th letter of the alphabet. Being a student isn't a waste of time it's investing in my future. Thats what entrepreneurs know how to do best, INVEST..!!

"Entrepreneurs are the celebrities of the business world, but they're also at the grass roots of economic growth. These individuals drive industry and commerce forwards." Times Online :- Entrepreneur

With that quote it makes sense to my whole life haha. Some of you may see me as a role model, or some sort of celebrity.. (I Wish!!)

Well you want to know why I was going to call this blog Timeless... Well, in conjunction with my last post I wanted to once again talk about trainers & streetwear..

I've realised that streetwear is one of the only parts of fashion which is timeless. People seek older models, dead stock, last seasons clothing. Why ? Because they like the fact you can't purchase it any more... Look around you when your out or sitting down enjoying a Starbucks whilst reading this ^^.. Everyone is more or less dressed the same.. (Girls esp..) H & M, Topshop, Primark, River Island, etc... All of their stuff are more or less the same..

Sneakers are even worse.. All them guys wearing Filas, mate step up your game look around you... Not all of the trainers I have are hard to find just look around more than your local JD store..!!

I'm going to tell you guys a funny story, or even an event that happened which I was watching.. Yesterday was Old Man Aaron's 22nd HAHAHA ... Happy B-day Man..!!

We went to a club, and I watched a guy try to chirpse a girl, who was dancing with her Fat friend. This guy walked up to them and slipped between then started dancing with the skinny one. In this case we going to call her Girl 1 and Fat girl, Girl 2. So he was dancing with girl 1 and she sat down so he decided to sit down, girl 2 felt awkward and went toilet. He offered to buy Girl 1 a drink, she was like No thanx I don't drink, when girl 2 came back he offered to buy her a drink she rejected as well. So he decided to ask Girl 1 to dance again, but she refused to get up and then he sat down to talk to her. As soon as he sat down she got up and started dancing with girl 2. The guy gets up and started getting close to girl 1. She was backing away and stuff then she sat down and the guy tried to pull her etc and she was pushing his face away..

You can learn a lesson from this Story... TAKE THE HINT AND LEAVE..!! Bloody Hell this guy got shot down more times than bloody fiddy..

Well, i'm probably boring you'll already... I'm going to drop this as a conclusion for this post..!!

The Schmoozer..

No one who spends more than a minute in your presence could fail to spot your ambition.

And that's about 60 seconds before they fall under your spell completely. You're a born extrovert, with social skills that most can only watch and envy. You're also a natural go-getter, who likes to make the most out of life – whether that's at home or at work. Your optimism and desire to achieve, influence and impress will always take you far.

That was a result from an online quiz @ Enterpreneur Quiz

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