Sunday, October 28, 2007


A rainy Sunday... Dan visits Nike Town and Purchases a nice pair of WMNs Trainers..!!

Spiz'ikes MoFos..!! Too many pairs of Spiz'ikes but i love them sooo much..

"Those are such DAN Colours" (Emma Vi)

Anyways I wanted to take the time and explain Leopard in Dim's MiND..!!

Apple Leopard Link

Don't you hate it when people say New & Improved, The Best One Out Yet, or in this case.. The Most Impressive OS X to date..

Well of course it is the most impressive it is the bloody latest version, if it wasn't the best or most impressive people wouldn't even bother getting it. People need to think about how they word these things.

Well my opinion of the operating system, it's quicker, sexier and much easy to navigate.. (No Apples Aren't Hard To Use)

People need to use an apple and see how inferior Windows is compared to it...

The new added features are soo helpful, simple stuff like Stacks gives u faster and easier navigation. Time machine not really used it but helps a lot if you always download shit and delete stuff by accident.

Overall it's worth investing in if u have a mac... And it is worth investing in a MAC just for this.!!

Peace Check Back Later..!! Probs get some photo's of the ID Studio for u @ Nike..!!

Can't be arsed to do a funny/entertaining blog... I'll try to hit u guys up next one ^^

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baboonbutte said...

Dan colours?! hahaha
What's WMNs? :S
Oooh.. and... so THAT's Leopard... =O!!! wowww ^.^ x