Saturday, June 28, 2008


Usually When brands collab it is to bring out a more unknown brand.

Or just to come out with something different put 2 names on it and there you have a bigger fan base..

Anyways... What happens when u put Japan's Biggest streetwear brand... (No Not BAPE)

Calm The Fuk Down...

Hahaha nah playing... Comme Des Garcon <--(C has that weird french 5 on it)

Anyways... Comme Des Garcon X Louis Vuitton..!!!

What will happen... Japanese and Chinese people going to go bloody crazy... Both of them bum the hell out of Louis Vuitton... If u cut up a Chinese girl she probably bleeding monogram print..

Cut open their chest and you'll see the Comme Des Garcon Heart..!!!

Whats this showing u... Streetwear culture is moving up... Even prestigious brands have to collab.. They just want your MONEY..!!! Don't Get Addicted Like me hahaha... Be Aware... It ain't my fault i'm so fresh tho haha...

Alrite i'm going out to enjoy the sun while I can Peace yo'll...

Consider yourself INFORMED..!!

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