Wednesday, June 18, 2008


As you all know I like to collect useless crap and place it around my room...

Stuff like empty bottles.... Trainers... Tee's.. and Toys...

This is the latest line of Toy's i've been collecting.

They aren't just toys... When u plug in the USB cable and install the software... Mount the smaller ones onto the bigger one they enter the world and you can play mini games..

Pretty sick idea for kids.. But thats what I am just a young kid @ Heart..!!!

We are the same ^^

Well it's about time I wrote about water again..!! Hahaha...

Bottles designed for a certain Hotel In San Fransisco

Another bottle design I loved hahaha... I need to get hold of one... Anyone see it please buy me it ^^..

Email me and i'll give u mailing address Thanx in advanced..!!!

Anyways i'll like to take this chance to talk about my past... Some people might be closed to the end of their secondary school life... And I remember mine which was like 5 years ago.. Hahaha.. Anyways if there is anyone who reads my blog from Hendon School... And remembered me on the last day of Year 11... You would have remembered when I purchased a money Plant from Tesco and I carried it around with me in my bag, and put it on my desk in my last few lessons..!!

Anyways 5 Years on and here is the result... Something I keep to remind me of those 5 great years of Dimsum in the making..!!

Secondary School made me who I am Today...

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Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAHAHAH you carried the plant around... LEGEND.... u've reached legendary status... keep it up man