Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Had To Blog?!?!

Lately I've been cramming all my coursework in... Which I should have done over the Study Leave... Anyways ...

I had to Blog just to show you guys this video..!!!

I need this Remote in my life... And you of all people know when it is released I will probably get one hahahaha ^^ Don't Hate.. I'll let you see it ^^

Apart from that nothing interesting in my life... Just work, work, work..!!!

Kanye West Rocks a G Shock in this video... No idea if it is the 25th Anniversary one I got or if it is the Bape G shock... Anyone Confirm... Anyways Video is DOPE as hell... I'm going to take some shots and edit it like this video... So check back when you/ I have time to do stuff like that hahaha...

This video was given to me Courtesy of Chu..

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