Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well, it seems like my collection isn't welcome at home any more...

All My XL tee's and Trainers will be donated to local charity shop or anyone who emails me and tells me which one they want....

My mother has been having a proper bollocking at me for buying soo much rubbish.

Also exams are coming up and I tend to look after my trainers more than revise, so i've decided to give them all away.. And for a good cause...!!!

Anyways hope to hear from you all soon ^^

Here is a link to my collection... Just email me ... Link is on the side... -->

State which one you want and your addresss and i'll ship them out ASAP...

Thank you for your time

Blog will be taken down for good... and I shall not be appearing online on MSN anymore...

I've thought about it hard and through... I need to get a LIFE..!!!!


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1 comment:

slyka said...

what size are your kicks dude ?

i wouldnt mind purchasing

feel free to contact at osj@hotmail.co.uk

cheers =]